tobias lanz
currently living in bern. doing all kinds of stuff related to sound and visual art. exploring music ranging from ambient and drone to fast paced, club influenced sounds, always with a focus on experimentation and exploration. sometimes also doing installations and video stuff and whatever seems fun at the moment. releasing music solo under the alias rtk (fka rita k.), sometimes also doing live- or dj-sets. Part of crttr︎︎︎, trnstn radio︎︎︎, lido︎︎︎, the hollywood golf club︎︎︎ and balneario racing team.
31.03.2023 “rtk - observing spaces” ︎︎︎
08.04.2022 “va - i wanna be a superstar vol. 1”︎︎︎

27.12.2021 “lido - trailer park party”︎︎︎
11.06.2021 “rtk - i i e e”︎︎︎
2019-2022 bachelors in sound arts @hochschule der künste bern
thu 28.12.2023 simon & tobias lanz @wasserkirche zürich, moods
wed 27.12.2023 simon & tobias lanz @progr, bee-flat
sat 21.10.2023 rtk @kapitel bollwerk
fri 13.10.2023 rtk b2b noria lilt @isc club bern
sat 23.09.2023 rtb & simsonite @radio bollwerk
thu 06.07.2023 rtk b2b noria lilt @kunsthalle bern
wed 21.06.2023 rtk (live) @anti musik, fribourg
sat 13.05.2023 lu6b2brtk @trnstn radio
thu 27.04.2023 rtk (live) @kraftfeld winterthur
sun 09.04.2023 rtk b2b noria lilt @crttr x nooster,
fri 31.03.2023 rtk (live) @crttr005 showcase,
sat 18.02.2023 rtk @crying on the dancefloor, trnstn radio 
thu 02.02.2023 rtk (live) @mis en scène, buffet nord
fri 13.01.2023 rtk @dérapage à la maison by south:garden
thu 22.12.2022 crttr @ablette records w/ tedtedted, rtk, elin
fri 16.12.2022 rtk @fri-art
sat 19.11.2022 crttr @umbo w/ nyx (live), rsl (live), apostat, herman b2b simsonite b2b yotah, dataflex b2b rtk
thu 10.11.2022 crttr @kapitel bollwerk w/ gotgha (live), erna b2b rtk
sat 22.10.2022 kulturnacht burgdorf @kulturhalle sägegasse w/ the hollywood golf club
sat 01.10.2022 & sat 08.10.2022 sonic explorations @garage emma w/ evolving dronescapes
sat 24.09.2022 crttr @radio bollwerk w/ tvbxs, rtk b2b simsonite, crttrverse, ivan petrović & lexi fleurs
thu 11.08.2022 space summer x crttr @kapitel bollwerk w/ chewlie b2b herman b2b rtk b2b simsonite b2b yotah, performance by aurore asfa & melanie meystre
sat 23.07.2022 crttr @radio bollwerk w/ juliette, rtk, crttrverse
sun 29.05.2022 evolving dronescapes @prozess bar
sat 02.04.2022 balneario racing team @kulturhalle sägegasse
thu 31.03.2022 rtk @radio bollwerk
sat 26.02.2022 balneario racing team & kia mann @atomic defused, atomic café biel/bienne
fri 21.01.2022 b TTT PP i i i @à suivre #40
sat 09.10.2021 rtk @trnstn radio
fri 10.09.2021 tobias lanz & lautaro tesar @immersive sound festival fribourg
sat 31.10.2020 the hollywood golf club @kulturhalle sägegasse
sat 01.02.2020 rita k. live @kulturhalle sägegasse
sat 21.09.2019 the hollywood golf club @kulturhalle sägegasse
fri 13.09.2019 rita k. b2b simsonite @artfestival interlaken
14.04.-17.05.2023 whatever happens shouldn’t be taken personally w/ nadine k. cenoz @bacio
01.09.-20.09.2022 evolving dronescapes freitag tower @zurich design weeks
04.06.-05.06.2021 some ai generated spaces @à suivre #39
17.01.-18.01.2021 eisen(III)-oxid @à suivre #38